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Chrystal Nause Photography

Chrystal Nause Photography


Chrystal Lea Nause is a photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana and specializes in traditional darkroom processes.  She is an award winning photographer and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Chrystal is honored to have been chosen to exhibit by renowned professionals such as Ken Merfeld, Keith Carter, and Cig Harvey, among others. Publications include Black and White Magazine (Issue #107) and Pryme Magazine (Issue #1).

Both b&w and color film is processed by hand.  Silver Gelatin prints are hand printed with light sensitive paper and chemicals. Care is taken to maintain the archival nature of traditional photography prints, and each is hand toned in selenium, sepia, or thiourea toners.

Chrystal earned Bachelor's degrees (Photography, Administration of Justice) and a Master's degree in Physical Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.