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Live Art Saturday with JimmyRockIt

Leather looks so much better when it's been worn. Each Jimmyrockit item will mature and age with time developing unique characteristics. Wear your leather with pride and let it reflect your uniqueness to the world by showing its individuality. Life is a vibrant adventure and I strive to make it more colorful and interesting. This leatherwork reflects personality and connects with folks who share a similar path. I'm inspired in life by vintage sounds, textures, and smells. By scratches and pops of vinyl records and old leather boots with scuffs and markings. I love seasoned pots and pans with patina and war era cedar trunks. My deep bond with all things vintage and ageless reminds me that all kick-ass quality items from the past had to start somewhere. I aspire to connect with folks and make timeless items that will age and ooze character every time it's worn.