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Gift Horst

Gift Horst

Maybe it could start by saying something about us being married and a team in the art world. I don't know, whatever you think..


Cricket- I am a metalsmith. I spent years in the jewelry program at Delgado community college. 

I use all precious metals to form each piece by hand. I don't do any casting which means each piece is a one of a kind fabrication.

My work has an organic and industrial feel. I cut, hammer, sand, polish, oxidize, and shine each piece. It is quite time consuming and I love being in the studio. I tell people all the time nothing makes you feel like more of a badass as a woman than handling torches and hammers all day.

Fred-I did my undergraduate schooling at Moravian college, getting a B.A. fine arts while minoring in comparative religion. I did my postgraduate studies at the Cyprus College of Art. At the heart of it, I draw stuff. I take my inspiration from everything i see. I put together my pieces just like putting together a story, but the chapters are all mixed up. Combining massively disparate objects, people, animals or whatever else helps me convey my narrative by making preconceptions dissolve and teach a person's brain to make the stranger connections. I recently started incorporating more mechanical parts, more movement, to make the narrative more complex and add a newer dimension to the story.