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Small Change Finery

Small Change Finery

Small Change Finery was inspired by raw music. The unpolished clinking and clanging that finds itself edited. The grit and grain that gets photoshopped out. The part you throw away. That's what we’re made of. 

Embellished antique cutlery with past lives. Retired brass instruments who've played for strangers. Handles who've touched too many fingerprints to count. Spent bullet casings, vintage furs, and old bones with strange stories to tell. 


After the cutting, grinding, drilling, brushing and buffing, they are given new life in our jewelry.

We are bold. We are beautiful. We are unique. We are rich with history and not for the coy. 

We are Small Change. 

Company founder and chief designer, Holly Williams, is a native New Jersian who found home in New Orleans after much soul searching across the country and abroad. She earned her BFA at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University with a concentration in both fashion and documentary photography. Williams began her jewelry line, Small Change Finery, in 2010 and is also co-owner of Tooth & Nail Trading Co, a unique retail shop with two New Orleans locations. She now resides on a small farm, Trampled Rose Ranch, just outside New Orleans where she and her partner rescue various misfit animals.