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Technicolor Elephant Studios

Technicolor Elephant Studios

Born in Michigan, Heather Kenyon traded in her mittens for sandals to pursue her love of art in “The Big Easy” – New Orleans, Louisiana. She can be found weekly at art markets across the city, with her colorful Psychology and Interior Design fusion art, as featured in “Alphabet Soup and Animal Crackers.” Kenyon has a background in both Theatre and Interior Design, as well as Psychology, and studied at Adrian College in her home state of Michigan.


Technicolor Elephant Studios offers a wide array of funky, multilayered, original artwork!

The featured series, "The Image of Relief,” combines Psychology with Interior Design textile inspirations into vivid, playful works of art. Each piece is hand drawn with Sharpie against a manipulated Acrylic background, and contains anywhere from 50 to 1,000 micro images within the main subject! Every painting includes at least one hidden elephant among the tangle of creature and faces. These images are an organic manifestation of the texture, similar to the idea of images "appearing" when looking at clouds, the man in the moon, or the original-- the Rorschach Ink Blot tests. The series focuses mostly on animal forms, capturing their spirit somewhere between Lisa Frank’s bright and imaginative world and Salvador Dali’s twisted Surrealistic one.